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Monday, 31 October 2016

Alien Profiles Case 11: The Joy Arc Epilogue

Well season 1 is officially over and this is the epilogue of the Joy Arc. After a job well done, The Agent and his love, The Unintended Terror get debriefed for the damage done in their fight.  Now that their greatest enemy has been vanquished, we get to check on a rare experience: Heroes on their down time.

STFilmmaker as The Agent, The Venusian
Daemonique Vazquez as Aje'l Vos'l Aka The Unintended Terror, The Supervisor

Sounds by

Music by Teknoaxe

Monday, 24 October 2016

Alien Profiles Case #10: Confrontation

The final confrontation has begun. As our Agent and his love, The Unintended Terror finally go after Joy Prime. Will they succeed, let's find out.

Cast: STFilmmaker as Agent, Joy #1 Joy #2, Joy Soldier #1, Joy Soldier #2, Joy Prime and Unintended Terror Trojan Horse Pilot.

Daemonique Vazquez as Unintended Terror.

Sounds by and Soundbible

Music by Teknoaxe

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Thoughts/Journals Of A Mad Man Promo

While I was working on Alien Profiles I realized I may not be able to do a follow up on my last special for a while due to a few things.  But I figured It would only seem right to at least show one glimpse of the lovable Mad Man for last year's sake. So here's a promo for my book series based off of it.

To purchase the books:

Horror not your thing? Well you can purchase my other book. "Poem of The Misbehaving Kid." Here.

To watch the series so far click here:

Music by Teknoaxe

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Alien Profiles Case 9: War

War has officially begun between the Joys and the Agency.  The latter of which backed up by the Unintended Terrors.  As the Agent and his Royal Blood Brother monitor the activity from HQ, they find themselves telling their stories, as well as something more. 

Cast: STFilmmaker as The Agent
Daemonique Vazquez as The Unintended Terror

Sounds by:
Music by Teknoaxe:

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Alien Profiles Case 8: Battle

In the latest of the Joy Arc, the Agent and his Blood Brother, The Unintended Terror, struck a nerve with rival agencies.  Which would be no big deal, but he needs more time for the ships to take off.

STFilmmaker as Agent, Joy Agency Leader and Threat Elimination Leader
Daemonique Vazquez as: The Unintended Terror

Sounds by
Music By Teknoaxe