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Monday, 12 February 2018

Glockenvaltz 2: Organ Hell Video Ad

My Third Advertisement.
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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Glockenvaltz 2: Organ Hell

I finally got my sequel album published.  For those that don't know Organ Hell is a sequel Album to my first Album Glockenvatlz.  A wordless story about love and betrayal.  In this sequel, we delve into the world of Organ Hell. Where the Piano is the God of the world I created, The Organ is simply the Devil. Violin the antagonist of the first Album is lamenting his stay, but a Harp takes pity on him and offers him the way out. But as he accepts, he decides to visit a certain paradise for revenge.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Organ Hell Single

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After doing Glockenvaltz I got to thinking, if the Piano is God to my little musical world. Then the Organ is most likely the Devil. I introduce to you a sample of what's coming soon. This is Organ Hell.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

CIEIR Music Presents: Classical Splice

 I meant to post this as soon as it got published, but I forgot so I'm doing it now. I just pulblished my second Album which continues off where Classical Rock started. I give you:
A continued experiment in musical time travel. Along with my single, there are more songs that further continue the narrative of modern musicians going back in time with nothing but their style and the tools provided them in the classcial era. I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

ShaneTheMusician CIEIR Music

In a continuation of my last announcement I hereby give a proper article regarding my music. I wanted to wait until at least a few of my songs were published fully before I made the announcement but here goes. During my ambition to become a filmmaker, I decided to go John Carpenter and create my own music as well. Thanks to an independent site called CD Baby, that dream has now become a reality.

So without further adieu, I shall present to you the singles and albums that I have worked to make so far. Just click on the album covers and you'll be able to purchase my music at CD Baby's main store.

For starters, my first single.


It started out as an attempt at a tribute to classical music. Specifically Mozart and Strauss' Waltz.  However after working on the cover art for it, I decided to expand on it, creating a wordless story.

Glockenvaltz: A Story Of Love, Betrayal and Murder


 The idea came to me when I was trying to draw a pair of humanoid Glockenspiel dancing together for the cover art of my single. The story has no words, but is expressed through the music.  Imagine a world, where instruments are sentient like you and me.  A world where one of the oldest instruments, The Piano, is considered a god of this world, with the other instruments, it's subjects.  Imagine the Glockenspiel Couple dancing and singing to this God's natural rhythm. Never has a couple been so in love. But will it last? Or will a fellow instrument cut their loving lives short. 

Last but not least. Is another single. One of what I could hope to be the next Album if i do right.

Classical Rock

An experiment in musical time travel. What if a rockstar, any rockstar traveled through time, to the era of classical music? With nothing but the knowledge of their style and the tools provided to them, how do they hope to wow the crowd? By mixing classical with classic rock. This single is the first to what I hope to be many that mixes old School with really old school. This particular single was inspired by a saying I once heard. That Mozart was considered the Rockstar of classical music. So it got me thinking how would a Rockstar do classical if they were in that period. This is how.

That is all for now, but there will be more soon. As usual debate, argue and let me know what I missed, stay tuned for more. 

Monday, 13 November 2017

I now do my own music.

I decided to branch out from movies and defictionalization and become a musician. So far I only published one song, but I hope to do more.  So check it out.  Here's a link here

But I'll have a link on the main site too.  As usual debate, argue and let me know what I missed. Stay tune for more.