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Friday, 16 March 2018

March of Hate and Anger Single
This I made as sort of the Antithesis of my Walk of Shame and Sadness Single.  Here we have Hate-Face, the embodiment of Hate and Anger.  Much like Shame-Face he has only one answer to what makes him so angry and hateful. His answer? "Everything." As usual to purchase the song. Click on the cover image.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Walk of Sadness and Shame Music Video

This is a music video of a song I recently released. I set out to make the most depressing song I could. It's also the first animation I have done in years.  Sort of a test to see if whether or not I could do the same with Glockenvaltz. It was worth the effort but if I'm gonna do it with my major albums I'd need more time and better resources.

Anywho. This song is called the Walk of Shame and Sadness.  Like Glockenvaltz it's a wordless story.  However this particular tail is a somber piano story of a being known as Shame Face.  He walks around on cheery days with a cloud hovering over his head.  While he tries to remain stoic, the only emotions he can feel are Sadness and Shame.  To the point where he starts crying.  What is he sad and ashamed of?  Well if you ever were to gather the courage to ask him, the only word he'd say was "Everything."

If you want to purchase the song it is available here.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

SynthOrcChip II: Which Sounds Better. The Album and the Single
Thought I'd do something different and advertise both at once with each instead of one at a time. As usual click on the picture to go to the site.  This here is my next Single. The Uneasy Feeling, Synth Version. Said Single is all about going through a day life with insecurities, but always coming out on top despite them.

And like the previous single. This one is the first song of my next Album:
Much like the first album of this series, the same rules apply.  2 songs, in three variations: Synthesizer, Orchestral or Chiptune. Which Sounds Better? You decide.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

SynthOrcChip Video Ad

You'll find the Albums in the following Links:

SynthOrcChip: Which Sounds Better

Well I just finished both another single and an album. Click on the image to find it.
This single is the first Synth Song I ever made. It goes the Glockenvaltz route telling a short wordless story. Four Instruments, walk down four separate paths. With one goal in mind: To Harmonize.

Whereas the whole album is here. Click on the Image to go to it.
This one's a little different from my previous albums. It's the first time I tried toing Synth songs. But I wanted to do something more or less for experimental and for kicks.  I wrote 2 songs, but I finished them in 3 different styles. Hence the name. The first style being Synthesizer music.  The second style being Orchestral Music. And the third being Chiptune Music.  It's up to you, to decide which style sounds better.

Of course if CD Baby is not your thing you can always check it on my Bandcamp site.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Glockenvaltz 2: Organ Hell Video Ad

My Third Advertisement.
Purchase Music here: