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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Heroes In Trouble Music Video

I admit shamelessly that I published my next album as an excuse to make more songs for these videos. I loved the story so much that I wanted it to continue.  So here's part three of my story. Takes place on the Darkest Hour. After watching the death of their co-worker, Harry and Lisa are ushered onto the roof in a desperate attempt to out Harry as the Superhero.

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Friday, 20 April 2018

A Villain's Determination Music Video

The following video while cartoonish may contain scenes that are very disturbing:
The Sequel video to my previous video "A Hero's Struggle." This video introduces the villain, Virgil Vincent. Who decides to declare war on our hero after a previous hit attempt has gone wrong.  Whilst our hero figures out the identity of the Heroine who saved him in the last video.

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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

A Hero's Struggle Music Video

I worked like hell on this animation. But it's here. The music video based off my new Album, SynthOrcChip III: Which Sounds Better.  In this case I used the Synth Version of my song A Hero's struggle.

Now the story itself is cliche by my own admission, but I believe that you can make anything seem awesome with the right music. In this case, two mobsters bomb a bar in a suicidal attempt to draw our hero out and kill.  Needless to say they fail to do the latter. When one of the mob guys tries to sneak attack him a heroine shows up to save the day. The hero then flies home to contemplate the identity of the mysterious heroine.

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Thursday, 5 April 2018

March of Hate and Anger Music Video

The Sorta Sequel to my most depressing Single.

I wanted to do a somewhat aggressive Guitar themed song and I figure what better way than to introduce an embodiment like the last song. Meet Hate-Face. A being who walks around endlessly on fire. Said fire is fueled by his hate and anger. What does he hate? What makes him angry? His answer much like Shame-Face is the same. "Everything." Only while Shame-Face chooses to sulk and tries to be stoic, Hate-Face wants to burn everything he can touch.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Broken Rhythm Single
My new single. Much like before click on the image to buy.

Bruce Lee once said "it is difficult to have a rehearsed routine to fit in with broken rhythm." While he mostly applied that saying to his Martial Arts concept of Jeet Kune Do, which like many martial arts, often apply to life as well; I often wondered if this philosophy could be put into practiced with a different sort of Art. Music. So what I did was make a simple tune and then put it a note or so ahead, using different instruments, to break my own Rhythm and see if it will either be a thing of beauty, or painful to the ears. I'm proud of the result either way.

Friday, 16 March 2018

March of Hate and Anger Single
This I made as sort of the Antithesis of my Walk of Shame and Sadness Single.  Here we have Hate-Face, the embodiment of Hate and Anger.  Much like Shame-Face he has only one answer to what makes him so angry and hateful. His answer? "Everything." As usual to purchase the song. Click on the cover image.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Walk of Sadness and Shame Music Video

This is a music video of a song I recently released. I set out to make the most depressing song I could. It's also the first animation I have done in years.  Sort of a test to see if whether or not I could do the same with Glockenvaltz. It was worth the effort but if I'm gonna do it with my major albums I'd need more time and better resources.

Anywho. This song is called the Walk of Shame and Sadness.  Like Glockenvaltz it's a wordless story.  However this particular tail is a somber piano story of a being known as Shame Face.  He walks around on cheery days with a cloud hovering over his head.  While he tries to remain stoic, the only emotions he can feel are Sadness and Shame.  To the point where he starts crying.  What is he sad and ashamed of?  Well if you ever were to gather the courage to ask him, the only word he'd say was "Everything."

If you want to purchase the song it is available here.